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What are the advantages of CUSTOM management training programmes over an OFF THE SHELF approach?

It might be cheaper or faster to take a pre-existing internal or one size fits all course but the disadvantages are significant.

Let’s look at ten advantages of finding a provider who builds something specific to your needs.

1. Specific needs: The leader can brief the training company about the specific development and behaviour requirements of the individuals in the team. This is often based on PDP goals that individuals need support with. Also the organisational challenges can be addressed directly by ensuring the content of the course includes examples relating to the specific scenarios faced by team members.


2. Engaging and relevant: When the context of the training is bespoke to the industry and current trends the team are facing there will be significantly greater engagement by the delegates. They will enjoy the course because they will feel closer to the more relevant content. This will increase their level of motivation, participation and also the likelihood of successful outcomes.

3. Improved learning outcomes: Professional training organisations should be very clear of the actual learnt outcomes which the delegates can be expected to walk away with. Typically this will be based on Blooms taxonomy or a similar measurable action verb list. The advantage of the provider building a customised training with the leader according to the specific team requirements is that the learning outcomes can be jointly agreed up front. If the leader wants people to get from a to b with a particular area of behaviour the training partner will guide the leader on what can reasonably be achieved in the allocated time. Further the focus will be what is needed, and will be measurable against the learning outcome document.

4. Cost Effective:. The focus will be made on the most important development areas. The investment will only be put behind what is needed with no wasted material associated with an off the shelf programme which could be over simplified, out of context or irrelevant.

5. Team performance There are two reasons team performance will be enhanced by targeted training. Firstly the specific skills required for the very roles the delegates need to deploy can be covered. Secondly in spending time together they will be likely to improve their collaboration, communication, and trust as a group.

6. Feedback from trainers: When the training is customised it usually follows that the trainers will be able to offer more detailed individual feedback to participants. Whether this takes the form of one to one coaching, Q and A sessions or follow up email assessment and communication each delegate can expect more tailored support for their development.

7. Flexibility: When we offer a customised training programme there are often additional requests or late changes based on changing needs. If the programme is being built for the specific event then it can be adapted quickly and any changes can be made.

8. Better Return on Investment: The results which can be achieved by a programme which has been designed and developed for a specific set of people and needs will inevitably have greater impact for the delegates. The results of the business and team can be enhanced by focusing on the areas which will make a greater difference.

9. Alignment with organisational objectives: Key strategic objectivess can be addressed in training, whether that be in focusing on sales, profitability or even culture .Customised content can focus on these areas by building in elements of the training which both highlight the importance of, and support the delivery of objectives.

10. Adaptation to different learning styles: Individuals and groups of people learn differently. Perhaps role play is ferrying to some but a useful earning tool for others. Maybe small group work or larger team working groups would better address other relationships objectives or collaborative aims. Sometimes an action case study or real life business problem can be the most useful approach. These choices and more can be incorporated when training is customised.

I hope you agree that these all represent meaningnful advantages of custom management training programmes. What can we build for you?

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