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How to succeed with personal goals

What if I focused on my goals every weekday morning for five minutes?

It won't come as a surprise that this will help you move closer to what matters to you, but why does it work??

Here are five reasons to start nurturing yourself like this TODAY! 

How to succeed with personal goals

1 ⁃ most importantly it is!…HABIT FORMING. This is always a critical part of behaviour change as building new habits takes time and involves several specific steps including as correct frequency and regularity and realism.

2 ⁃ It sets the TONE for the day: Everything you do after your goals reflection will be through the lens of these aims. If you have a meeting will you behave differently, if you have a spare hour will you choose to use it differently?

3 ⁃ It 100% increases MOTIVATION : the purpose led focus will provide a real drive forward for your day will give meaning and context to your activities.

4 ⁃ You can drive CONSISTENCY having this focus first thing when you have more clarity and energy will help make the most from the exercise and increase the probability that you create a new regime.

5 ⁃ It will help you GET SPECIFIC and identify the most important actions to move closer to your objectives.

These five tips will help you understand how to succeed with personal goals.

Another tip is combining this practise with a couple of powerful positive psychology exercises:

Firstly: The abundance or gratitude exercise

Reflect with gratitude everything you have you are grateful for in the same moment to create a neurological association between the positive aspects of your current situation and the possibilities of for your future.

Second: The future self exercise

Ask yourself what would a person who had already been successful in meeting these goals does and doesn’t do regularly, ask yourself about their behaviours, habits and daily beliefs and routines. Visualise your future self as this future version of yourself a person who makes these things happen with ease.

Want to chat just send me a dm.

let’s make this a year to remember! 😀 😀 

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