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Transform Coaching & Training

People development matters

For real lasting IMPACT our proven holistic approach serves both business and individual with the range of skills and behaviours required to unlock the potential of your people.

Miles Mather
We are experienced Coaching Professionals, who specialise in working with companies who are ready to invest in their employees. 

We believe in unlocking your teams full potential by offering support across up to 6 dimensions of focus.


Our programs include

Helping leaders manage with elegance "The Coaching Leader"

Increase staff engagement "Ecstatic Engagement"

Improve team performance "High Performing Teams"

Improve effectiveness with advanced communication skills "Progressive Communication"

Support for career development "Breakthrough"


Our courses


The coaching leader

Team Work

HPT during change

Advanced communication

Progressive communication

The Leaders Club

Complete 360 degree development

Each one of our courses is made bespoke for you to support organisational objectives to Create Happy People

The Transform Coaching & Training Team

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